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Sustainability Circuit Map

The South Melbourne Market where sustainability is the buzz word for September.

There is a sustainability tour you can join and take with a leader to tell you the behind the scenes stuff  or you can pick up a map and followed the route at your leisure. Sustainability covers everything: Stall holders supporting small farmers whose approach to farming and animal welfare they know and approve…

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NGV Festival of Photography

It is so easy to take a photo and so easy for us to make our photos look like those of the professional that I wonder what I am going to find in a photography exhibition. The NGV is running a festival of Photography so you can check out how your photos rank. When…

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Christmas at The Old Treasury Building Museum

It is almost the time of the year for me to scramble under the spare bed and pull out the box of Christmas decorations.  I’ve had these decorations for years and every year I try to find another bauble to add to them.  Last year it was a mouse with bracelets and a scarf…