Federation Square and popup vegetable gardening

Have you wandered around the Federation Square car park recently?  It seems an odd question to ask.  But if you have you will have noticed the thriving veggie gardens.  If you haven’t go and have a look.  The gardens are inspiring. I like the idea of working in the CBD,  tending a garden during…

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Butterflies at the Melbourne Zoo

The door to the Butterfly House The butterfly house at the  Melbourne Zoo is one of the nicest places to be on a cold winter’s day.  In the summer it has charm but it is in the winter that it is magical – a place where everyone quietens and move slowly.  Boisterous school parties…

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The sealed capsule in Women’s Pioneer Garden, Royal Domain Gardens

The nice thing about doing this blog is that I keep learning more interesting information about Melbourne from the comments people leave on my posts.  I have written about this beautiful and tranquil garden before in the The Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden Post. Julie has left a comment asking about the  capsule that is underneath…

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Alister Clark Rose Garden St Kilda Botanical Gardens – they have names, now

Something wonderful has happened to the roses in the Alister Clarke Rose Garden in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens.  Well, it is wonderful to me.  Some lovely person has identified these roses and now they have name plaques. There is something about looking at a rose and knowing its name.  It adds an extra…

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