Chapel Street – They Funky End at Windsor

The funky end of Chapel Street – that is the end by the Windsor Station and Dandenong Road – is one of the first places in Melbourne that I explored.  It was different from any place I’d seen and it is still different.  Over the years places have come and gone and some have…

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Motorbikes at La Porchetta Carlton North

It’s in your face Motorbikes. The décor at La Porchetta in Charlton North is stunning – gob-smacking if you are seeing it for the first time. Full sized motorbikes hang from the ceiling that is already covered with motorbike posters. It’s worth a trip to Carlton North to experience it. The pizzas are at…

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Rail Bridges – Inkerman and Carlisile

This weekend Inkerman Street in East St Kilda has a change in culture. The railway bridge on the Sandringham Line that spans Inkerman Street between Windsor and Balaclava stations is being strengthened. Inkerman street has been block in both directions for vehicles and foot traffic. So to access the Inkerman Hotel, the popular café…

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