flower-display at Batchin Balaclava

Batch in Balaclava for breakfast. I have renewed my friendship with this St Kilda East icon.

  Batch is still here. I first wrote about Batch on this blog in 2010.  It is wonderful to find that some places don’t turn over.  The media is full of reviews of a new place opening their doors.  So they should be we need to know what is happening out there. For example…

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Working title

Melbourneplaces – Life in Melbourne- returns after a year’s sabbatical with an interesting up-date on Russell House.

Melbourne Places is rolling on again after a sabbatical.  I love that word, sabbatical.  It conjures up so much that is mysterious.  What happens during a sabbatical?  What do people do? Where do they go? I spent my twelve month’s sabbatical from my blog hanging out in Melbourne. For some of that time I…

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Walking Chapel Street early on a Sunday morning.

Chapel Street on an early Sunday morning is lacklustre.  The glitter and the buzz of Saturday night is over and what is left reminds me of the dregs in last night’s beer and wine glasses. I begin walking in Balaclava so the first thing that grabs my attention is a tobacconist on the corner…

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Flowers on  the Agaves at 388 High Street

Walking in Prahran East

Walk!!!! It is what we should all be doing. So says a friend who is a health professional. “What you need to do to stay fit is walk.” She says this with great firmness   “Get out there and walk.” I began my fitness walk last Sunday. I headed from tram stop 36 on Dandenong …

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National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Free exhibitions.

One of the current free exhibitions at the NGV is called ” Exquisite Threads – English Embroidery 1600s to 1900s.” These days we aren’t used to seeing embroidery that is done by friends and family and most of us don’t do it ourselves.  As I walked in I tried to remember any of my…

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