South Melbourne

Char-grilled sardine

South Melbourne Market – indulge in the mind-blowing selection of seafood on offer

Australia wouldn’t be Australia if there wasn’t sea food for Christmas, New Year, Australia Day any other occasion where people get together. ‘Chuck a few prawns on the Barbie’ is a sort of a joke but it is also what happens.  All summer in Australian households across the country, sea food is being ‘chucked’…

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Sustainability Circuit Map

The South Melbourne Market where sustainability is the buzz word for September.

There is a sustainability tour you can join and take with a leader to tell you the behind the scenes stuff  or you can pick up a map and followed the route at your leisure. Sustainability covers everything: Stall holders supporting small farmers whose approach to farming and animal welfare they know and approve…

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The Wayside Inn Hotel South Melbourne – good eating – with a new cook and new management.

The Wayside Inn is a stylish Gastro pub in South Melbourne.  When I travel around South Melbourne and Port Melbourne I’m  staggered at how many old hotels/pubs  have  been moved into the modern age with a makeover. It is also astonishing, if you keep your eyes open, just how many  you see that haven’t…

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