Authentic Thai Taste in Collingwood


There is a lot of pork around in Melbourne cafes and restaurants.  There is slow cooked pulled pork, barbecued pork ribs, roast pork belly and at the Authentic Thai Taste Restaurant in Collingwood, Pork Shank.  Ham hock appears on menus too but to my knowledge this is the first menu where I have seen Pork Shank.  It just says simply Pork Shank with no further information.

About two years ago  I was dining at the Authentic Thai Taste with some people who ordered the Pork Shank  and I got to taste it.  The taste was so wonderful it kept the name of the  Authentic Thai Taste in my mind  with the thought of going back there for just this dish.


Authentic Thai Taste Collilngwood

Authentic Thai Taste Collilngwood

This is an unprepossessing  restaurant in a very unprepossessing  part of Johnson Street, Collingwood and has been there for a long time. The friend who suggested we go there last week  called it,  “An oldie, but hopefully still a goody.”

The moment I read the name my mind went to the Pork Shank.  It is still listed on the menu as simply Pork Shank. If I hadn’t had it before this would hardly have encouraged me to order it.


Pork Shank with hot sauce

Pork Shank with hot sauce

The outside,(crackling) is delicious and the meat inside just falls off the bone.  It comes away so cleanly that the bone is left meatless at the end.  This may, of course, be because we found it so delicious we devoured every morsel.

We chose Green Papaya Salad to have with it.  The salad was fresh and tangy and ideal with the slightly fatty pork.  They are a little heavy with the chilly here for my taste.  Mild would be my suggestion unless you like hot.   I tasted a small portion of the hot version of Green Papaya Salad with Soft Shelled Crab and it was hot – very hot, mouth and lip numbing hot.


Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya Salad

We did share other dishes and they were fine but not outstanding. I think the prices are reasonable value for money.

The Pork Shank is not mentioned on the on-line menu and I understand that this menu is their take away menu however on talking to them they say that you can get it as a take away even though it is only on the restaurant menu.  The idea would be ring and order it in advance as it takes about 20 minutes to prepare.

Does anyone know how it is cooked and how they get the crisp outside?

Authentic Thai Taste do pick up and delivery from 5.30 to 9.00pm every day but the restaurant stays open longer.  When we were there a couple came in at about 9.45 and were seated and served.

Authentic Thai Taste
92-94 Johnston st,
Collingwood VIC

Phone:9495 6694


Getting There:-
Car: The easiest way.  There is free street parking all around the Restaurant in the evening.

Train: The nearest station is Victoria Park on the Moran & Hurstbridge Line. Cross over Hoddle St and walk up Johnston St.

Tram: 86 comes from the city and goes along Smith Street.  Get off at Johnston Street and walk to your right down Johnston Street.
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