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Melbourne has been my home for a number of years and I am amazed that it is  only now that I have discovered Basement Discs.
A friend suggested I meet her there as she was picking up a CD she had ordered. I crept down the steep concrete stairs feeling intrigued.  It was hard to know what I would find at the bottom when I turned the corner and walked into the basement. It opens to a wonderland of recorded music and an amazing retro vibe.

Steps from The Bock Arcade to Basement Discs

Steps from The Bock Arcade to Basement Discs

I’ve passed the stairs many times and not ventured down.  It was more than that I hardly registered them or the pointer board on the pavement. The address is 24 Block Place. Block Place, known as the Block Arcade,  is usually crowded with tourists and locals wandering along and standing about as they decided, ‘Which cafe’.  Basement Disc is under Haigh’s Chocolate.  My gaze is usually focused on the chocolate and the discussion I have with myself as to whether to buy some to take home or whether I am carrying enough calories.

The basement is a true basement ans rambles around - all under Haigh's Chocolate

The basement is a true basement and rambles around – all under Haigh’s Chocolate

Basement Discs has free lunch time concerts – the program can be found here.  Last week I joined many others and listened to Mike Rudd play.  Listening to twenty minutes or so of music and a quick browse around the basement is a rejuvenating way to spend the lunch break.  It’s very informal and the artists stick around to chat afterwards.

Mike Rudd performing at Basement Discs

Mike Rudd performing at Basement Discs

There's a great selection of jazz

There’s a great selection of jazz

The retro vibe is helped by the retro clothing and jewels for sale in one corner of the sprawling area. I’m a bit of a retro fan. If it your thing it ts worth checking out.

Retro Jewelry for sale

Retro Jewelry for sale


Basement Discs has been underground in Bock Place for more than twenty years so If you haven’t visited them  before go to their web site and see what appeals in the way of their live music and spend a reviving lunch break there.

Basement Discs
2 Block Place

Phone:- 9654 1110

Web site:-


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