Books for Cooks Gertrude Street – Fitzroy


Books and Cooks they go together.

Dedicated cooks and the rest of us who dabble in cooking and who eat, can’t resist books about food.  Take a look at any book shop and there are whole sections of these books covering every possible aspect of food and eating. Often they display mouth watering photos of  food, that probably looks better than it tastes.   So it’s a great treat to spend time in a place where the only books to wallow in are cooking books, wine books and books about food and the philosophy of food.

It’s all about eating at Books for Cooks 233 – 235 Gertrude Street Fitzroy.

There are new and re-cycled books, antiquarian cook books and you can’t help but love the retro books at the back of the shop.
books-for-cooks-gertrude-st -Fitzroy

books-for-cooks-is-very-relaxed for browsing

Take a look at the photos and you can see it is a unique place to hang out. Great staff too.  They know everything.  You can talk to them about a cook book you once saw and wanted.  They’re happy to chat and try to source it for you.

To my delight they have a re- publication of Elizabeth David’s original Cook books.  Elizabeth David’s  book ‘Mediterranean Food’ was the first book that taught my family, in small town New Zealand, that olive oil could be used for cooking and not only for soothing an inflamed ear.  It’s amazing to think that that was only a few decades ago.  Books for Cooks give the opportunity to leap back into those exotic and sensual and pages of Elizabeth David’s early Books.



If you are a cook-book-junkie Books for Cooks is definitely your shop.

You’ll also love Books for Cooks if you are keen on eating.  After a browse your taste buds begin to zing you can head for one of  the many eateries in and around Gertrude Street.  A popular place is Birdman Eating – don’t you love the name?  It’s right opposite Books for Cooks.

Books for Cooks is at 233-235 Gertrude Street – just around the corner from Smith Street.

Take the 86 or the 95 tram from the city


  • Irmgard Schlegel says:

    To whom it may concern!

    I’m looking for a Book with the Title ” German Baking Today” I wonder if you sell it by any chance in your Store. It is in English.

    I hope to hear from you.

    With regards from Irmgard

  • Melbourne says:

    Hi Irmgard,
    How about giving them a ring 8415 1415? They are open from 10am to 6pm. I hope you find it.
    Cheers Em

  • Tim White says:

    Just a heads up… we’ve moved!

    Books for Cooks is now at the Queen Victoria Market in a bigger space with more cookbooks

    Books for Cooks
    129-131 Therry St
    Queen Victoria Market
    Melbourne VIC 3000
    Open Monday -Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 10am – 5pm and when on Wednesdays when the night market is on – we’re open until 10pm

  • Tim White says:

    The Queen Victoria Market renewal process has started and Books for Cooks has moved to the other side of the market. It is now open every day at 115-121 Victoria Street Queen Victoria Market – on the northern side next to A shed


  • Ann Burnell says:

    I am looking for a French Cooking Book called “A Little Taste of France” which I think I purchased several years ago. Size about 7 in X 7 in and 1 inch thick. It was paper back and on the front was a picture of Mixed Berry Tartlets. It was my grand daughters favourite cook book and it was lent to someone and not returned. I wondered if a miracle might happen and you have a copy. She is now twenty and has a serious boyfriend and I would like to replace the copy if I can.

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