Breakfast at the Hank Marvin Market ,Alma Park St Kilda East

Stick with the mushroom & egg
Stick with the mushroom & egg

The Hank Marvin Market is a good place to get breakfast on a Saturday. See melbourneplaces visit a few weeks ago.

There are various options and last Saturday I opted for the breakfast burger from The Little Mushroom Company food truck.

They are cooked while you wait

They are cooked while you wait

I love mushrooms and I could think of nothing nicer on a cold Saturday morning than to have them together in a Ciabatta roll.  I was persuaded by the guy serving on the truck to by-pass the egg and mushroom and have The Lot.  I didn’t take much persuading because it sounds a magic combination.

Mushroom, halloumi, egg, chipotle mayo, ciabatta bun all for only $ 12.00, only $2.00 more than my original choice.

Stick with the mushroom & egg

Stick with the mushroom & egg

How could I go wrong?  But I did. I found the halloumi too rich and the chipotle too spicy.  Where was that mushroom flavour??
The mushroom on its own did shriek mushroom and next time I will settle for Egg & Mushroom at $10.00.  There is also Egg & Halloumi for $10.00.
They service hot chocolate that is silky and smooth like melted chocolate and so warming on a chilly morning. Never mind the calories. A cold morning isn’t the time to think about them.
The Little Mushroom Company food truck is at the Hank Marvin Market on a regular basis.  You can check out what the truck is doing on their facebook page.
Does anyone know how to get that intense mushroom flavour at home?
The Little Mushroom Company say they marinate them in butter, salt, garlic and spices. I tried doing this with some field mushroom from the supermarket.  No spices as I didn’t know what they used and may well be a secret recipe.  There’s a great photo on their facebook page of these delicious mushrooms frying.
I’d be grateful for some help here. I love mushrooms.

Hank Marvin Market

In Alma Park,  between Dandenong  and Alma Roads

Open from 9.00am to 3.00pm Every Saturday

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