Chalk Paint(TM) at French and Co


Annie Sloan’s Chalk PaintTM colour, Provence, has rejuvenated this old French shutter and made it into a striking feature.


A Jar of colour

A jar of colour

Chalk PaintTM colours - courtesy of French & Co

Chalk PaintTM colours – courtesy of French & Co

Don’t you love these colours?  It was the colours all displayed on wooden spoons that drew my attention to this paint.  The first time I walked into French and Co I saw these  tins of coloured wooden spoons and I instantly wanted a tin of them in my kitchen.  I found out that they are not for sale.

A display of Chalk PaintTM colours

A display of Chalk PaintTM colours


Fun with Chalk PaintTM

They are the sample colours for Annie Sloan’s Chalk PaintTM colours.  It is an inventive way to show them off.  You get a good splash of colour and you see the actual finish you will get on your paint job.  They are very tactile – lovely to touch.

Duck Egg paint sample

Duck Egg paint sample

They say that someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure and I have often wondered what treasure could be in the piles of stuff put out for a hard rubbish collection.

New life for old stools, Chalk PaintTM with stencils

New life for old stools, Chalk PaintTM with stencils

Now that I have been introduced to these paints, hard rubbish has got more interesting.  With only one coat of Chalk PaintTM that brown-boring-piece-of-furniture can be made into a treasure.  Picture frames can be transformed, glass painted and decorated,  old stools and chairs rejuvenated.

Picture frames given a new life

Picture frames given a new life

The place to learn how to transform old objects into new is French & Co, in Carlton North.  I have written about this charming shop and its ambience before.  You can read that post here.

Chalk-PaintTM-class - courtesy of French & Co

Chalk-PaintTM-class – courtesy of French & Co

There are many looks you can get using the paint; a distressed look, a rough look by applying the paint unevenly or a beautiful, smooth glowing surface – the wooden spoons have that surface.

What appeals to me is that it cuts back on all that preparation and elbow grease. When you take on a project using this paint the surface just needs to be clean.  There is no sanding to create a base, no stripping, no sealer, no primer or undercoat.  You just get out your tin of Chalk PaintTM and get started.

Bernice of French & Co runs classes whereby you get a hands-on experience to see if it is for you.  You can also just pop in and chat to her and  buy a tin and challenge yourself.

Chalk PaintTM straight onto glass with copper leaf

Chalk PaintTM straight onto glass with copper leaf

Here is an example of the paint on glass with copper leaf.  I was reluctant to use this photo because of its lack of photographic skill  but I loved the effect of the paint on the glass so much I have added it at the end.  Bernice who painted this beautiful wall piece is  holding it up and you can see my refection in the glass.  It is beautiful.
French & Co
290 Rathdowne Street
Carlton North

Phone: 9347 1141

Visit their Facebook page for information on classes or ring Bernice for a chat.
French & Co Facebook page:-

Opening Hours:-
Wed – Fri: 10:00 am – 5.00 pm
Sat – Sun: 10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Closed: Monday and Tuesday

Getting There:-
Car: There 1 & 2 hour parking in Rathdowne Street
Tram: 96
stop 18 Freeman Street & Nicholson Street.
Curtain Square
or Stop 19 Alexandra Parade
Walk through to Rathdowne Street village.

If you are interested in seeing the effect on bricks, check out this blog.  You can see a fire surround being transformed.



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