Chapel Street – An Update.


I miss-judged the Stonnington City Council and what they were doing with the changes to the Windsor end of Chapel Street in my post “Walking Chapel Street Early on a Sunday Morning”

A few weeks later and the flower beds are flourishing.  Workers are cleaning the rubbish on a regular basis and more importantly new seating is in place.

New seating in Chapel Street Windsor

New seating in Chapel Street Windsor

I love the seats.  I saw them in the rain and the colour lit up the area.  Good design and a wonderful addition to Chapel Street.  Take bow whoever designed them for the Stonnington Council.  In my opinion they are a great for the strip.

Let me know if you agree or disagree.  Not everyone likes green.

In my last post on Chapel Street I suggested a couple of places for food and coffee.  Here’s another one Uncommon. Broadsheet gives it a good server.

They are in the old Tarlo and Graham building. I missed Tarlo and Graham when they moved but Uncommon is a good replacement.  They still have the old iron doors that graced Tarlo and Graham.

Beautiful old doors at Uncommon - they are lovely

Beautiful old doors at Uncommon – they are lovely

This photo doesn’t do the doors justice.  You really need to see them.

66 Chapel Street
Phone 9510 6655

Windsor Station is on the Sandringham train Line


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