Georgios-A meeting place at 1235 High Street, Armadale


Georgios has been there forever.  That is probably too grand a statement but I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t there.   During the years I have known it, it has remained the same and become an Armadale icon if not a Melbourne icon.  The decor is rather like a sophisticated cafe and doesn’t appear to have changed either over the years.  It is pleasant and relaxing and always buzzing. It’s a great place to meet friends – everyone knows it or if they don’t they can find it easily – the corner of High Street and Glenferrie Road opposite the Malvern Town Hall.

I worked in Armadale a couple of years ago and once a month we had a breakfast meeting in Georgios.  After a while we thought the food had gone off and we found other places. Thinking back I believe we needed a reason to explore other places – we wanted change.  Georgios had stayed the same.

Recently a friend said she was meeting her friend there and she would give me a report if I was interested.  I jumped at her offer.  “Yes please”, I said.    “I want to know: is the food still good?  Did you enjoy it?  What about service?  And why did you choose Georgios?

This is what my friend e-mailed to me.

“The reason we chose Giorgio’s is because it is well known which makes it a great meeting place. The atmosphere was humming without being too loud and the service was flawless.

The outside tables were not in use as it had been raining but you could imagine on a summer’s day they would all be full of life.

I had the warm spicy tea.

Then for my meal I had “avocado toast”  It was delicious. Two slices of honey and sesame toast with sliced avocado, topped with tomato and crispy bacon and a side of rocket and feta.

My friend had the egg-white omelette. This was on rye bread and the omelette was filled with feta and chopped tomatoes.  For an egg-white omelette she said it was very tasty. This came with a grilled tomato on the side”.

Giorgios has a dining area, a large outdoor terrace, wine bar, private function room and a semi-enclosed fully heated outdoor area.

1235 High Street, Armadale – on the corner of Glenferrie Road
Phone 9822 4664
Opening Hours:- every day from 7.00am to 1.00am

Getting there:-
Tram N0 6 to Glen Iris goes down High Street. Get off at the corner of High and Glenferrie.

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  • The avocado toast sounds a great idea. For breakfast. Now. Vx

  • A variation on Guacamole, leaving out the garlic for those days when garlic is not quite appropriate! One large avocado, two tablespoons of creme fraiche, a tablespoon of organic passata (or tomato sauce), a teapoon of paprika, a teaspoon of garam masala, juice of half a lemon. Blend together. The combination of flavours really works well. Perfect for toast, stuffing a baked potato or a quick pasta dressing. Vx

  • Melbourne says:

    Vi Thank you for this suggestions it sound delicious – the baked potato is a great idea. Em

  • Thanks to Daniel and his staff for making the epworth emergency nurses reunion a wonderful time. The meal/service and our own room where we could catch up and move around the table made it for us. As we all come from all over town and the coast, Georgios is very central. I know they are all keen for me to set another date,especially those who were unable to attend.
    Thanks again Daniel. See you again soon.

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