Ice Tea for Summer – Those Girls Beveridge Company is gearing up for the markets


Those Girls Beveridge company was at the South Melbourne Night Market last year and I met with them for the first time then.  Their iced tea was an ideal thirst quenching drink on a warm February evening in Melbourne.  Since that meeting their business has surged ahead.  Melbourneplaces needed a catch up.

Lauren Davies & Elena Andoniou, founders

Lauren Davies & Elena Andoniou, founders

They pitched their business to Channel 10’s Shark Tank in 2015 and Steve Baxter picked them up and invested $72,000 for a 40% share in their business.  Since then they have gone from strength to strength.  With Steve as a mentor they have taken their Melbourne based business nationwide.  Their delicious drinks appear in markets in other parts of Australia – Melbourne’s inspiration spreading out to the rest of the Australia.
During the winter they have been keeping market goers warm with hot apple cider.

Australian apples for hot apple cider

Australian apples for hot apple cider

This what Those Girls say about it, “The biggest addition to our range was our non-alcoholic Hot Apple Cider. If is a perfect, healthy alternative to coffee, tea or hot chocolate and suits both adults and children. It tastes like a liquid apple pie and we are the first to market it in Australia! It is made from 100% crushed Australian apples with selected warming herbs and spices,”  they go on to say,  “The best part? We don’t add any sugar and our Hot Apple Cider is 100% vegan!”

Strawberry and Rosemary Iced Tea

Strawberry and Rosemary Iced Tea

The tea I had last year and loved was the Strawberry and Rosemary Blend.  They say that is one of their most popular sellers.
The summer market season is getting underway and Those Girls are booked to be at many of them.  In particular the Coburg Night Market starting on the  25th of November.  Check out the other markets.

All contacts for Those Girls Beveridge Co. are on their web site for more information.


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