In the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne there is a place to pay homage to the wind.


A summer’s day and the heat is up.  You pant a bit then fan yourself with your hand,  a light wind wafts around.  It is refreshing and with it comes an instant love of this movement of air.  It is easy to worship the wind on such a day.

In the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne there is The Temple of the Winds. It is an ideal place to give thanks for that wind.

Temple of the Winds

The temple was built in 1901 and sits on a hill overlooking The Yarra River.

This is an elegant structure.  It is built in grey masonry, is circular and has 10 columns to support it.

Its symmetry is beautiful.

Temple of the Winds

At this time of the year the trees along The Yarra and Alexandra Avenue block some of the view.  Iin the winter when the leaves have gone you can see The Yarra, across to Richmond and beyond.

The steps around the base are an ideal place to sit, take in the view, meditate, think on the winds, relax, contemplate life  and on a hot day ask for a cool breeze.

Getting there:-

The Temple of the Winds is at the Alexandra Avenue side of the gardens.  Enter through Gate A on the corner of Anderson Street and Alexandra Avenue and follow the path that runs parallel with Alexandra Avenue until you come to some wide steps.  Climb them.  The Temple to the Winds is at the top.

Steps to the temple

There is three hour free parking along Anderson Street.

If you approach from the St Kilda side of the Botanical Gardens you need to find your way to the other side of the lake.  Then follow the signs

Opening Hours:- 7.30am to sunset every day of the year.

More information on the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne can be found here


  • Annon says:

    Melbourne writer Shane Maloney mentions this building in the opening pages of his novel ‘The Brush Off’. He describes it as an open sided rotunda. It does look a bit like the band rotundas of old. I have always loved the view from there.

  • Melbourne says:

    Thanks for the info – Em

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