Laneway Learning, Melbourne

Laneway learning

Have you heard of Laneway learning?  It’s what I’m talking about at the moment .

I have been getting updates on their courses for a while now but I have only just attended one – ‘Write Your Own Short Stories’.  That’s something I’m trying to do along with writing a book that I mentioned in an earlier post.

The course was amazing.  And I feel the need to tell you how good it was and how professional.

It was held on the Embiggen Bookshop, 197-203 Little Lonsdale Street in the CBD.  What better place to choose to talk about writing than a place surrounded by books – books written by people just like us?  There was the goal, the delicious end to all our hard work; thousands, no millions or billions of published words. It was a, look- it-can-be-done-there’s-proof-here, atmosphere.

I didn’t expect a great course for the very small fee of $14.00.  It can cost more to see a mediocre or bad movie.  Of course it can cost the same to see a brilliant movie.  The same goes for an educational class. I was blown away with this one.  It was fun, motivating, well structured and very comprehensive given its seventy five minutes duration.

The tutor was Melbourne writer Rafael S.W. He had prepared well.  Thank you Rafael.

Education is usually expensive – sometimes prohibitively expensive.  Laneway Learning gives a bite size, in this case a whole mouthful, of an introduction to a subject.

I could get addicted to Laneway Learning.  My next class is ‘Stop Killing Your Houseplants’. That’s something I need to learn!

Laneway Learning Web site: – check out the up-coming classes:

Laneway Learning Thanks to google images.

Laneway Learning
Thanks to google images.

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