Las Chicas Balaclava for a unique breakfast


A restaurant or a cafe is not about one dish but I am only going to talk about one of the breakfast dishes at Las Chicas. I have written about Las Chicas a few years ago – see here.
The menu has changed since then and as far as I know ‘Coconut rice pudding with blueberries, grape, strawberry salsa and acai & berry coulis,’  was not on the menu when I first when there.  It seems to be a unique dish to Las Chicas .  I haven’t had it or seen it on any other menus around the Balaclava  area.


It is delicious, healthy and gluten and dairy free.


Coconut Rice pudding with berries

Coconut Rice pudding with berries

Las Chicas has  started using edible flowers to add colour and charm to their dishes. The coconut rice pudding is beautiful to look at with little pansy flowers sprinkled over it.  I asked the waitress where they got them and she said, “they come in a punnet”, so I guess they are grown especially for food decoration.


An edible pansy at Las Chicas

An edible pansy at Las Chicas

We didn’t eat our pansies but may do next time we eat the rice pudding/porridge.  It takes a bit of mental adjustment to chew on a pansy.

The coffee is consistently good at Las Chicas.

Flat white Las Chicas

Flat white Las Chicas

Acai is a South American berry that is starting to become one the new super foods.  Pronounced ‘ah-sigh-ee’  it is available in pulp form ( ideal for smoothies)  at Aunt Maggies almost across the road from Las Chicas, if you want to try it.

Where:-     Las Chicas
203 Carlisle Street
Phone:-    9531 3699

Open:-    7.00 to – Every Day

Getting There:-
Car – on hour parking in Carlisle Street and neighboring streets
Train- Las Chicas is beside the entrance/exit to Balaclava Station – Sandringham Line
Trams -  3 or 16


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