Melbourne Botanical Gardens and the Terrace Cafe on a wet day


I joined friends for lunch at the Terrace Cafe in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens on a wet weekday morning.  It was a long standing date and we went despite the rain.

The easiest way to reach the Terrace Cafe that overlooks the ornamental lake is to enter the gardens from the corner of Anderson Street and Alexandra Parade.  The paths are lined with trees which shelter them from too much rain.

The entrance on the corner of Anderson Street and Alexandra Parade

The gardens are different in the wet. The first sound we noticed was the pure ringing note from the bell birds. They appear to like warm, wet, still days.

As we walked moorhens scooted around us giving their high pitched squawk, the earth smelt of vegetation and the noise from cars in Anderson Street was deadened.

Friendly Moor Hens

We passed this notice.

I always look for turtles but I have never seen one even on a wet day like this one.  I wonder if they are real and if any one has ever seen one.

It is quiet expect for the birds, the sound of rain on the leaves and  the voices of visitors.  Even voices seem to quieten on this moist day.  It was peaceful and relaxing wandering along to the Terrace Cafe.

The cafe was restful too.  We sat outside at the back completely protected from the rain and with glimpses of the lake.   For a wet day the Terrace Cafe was busy, couples chatted over coffee, singles read, someone wrote and a group of mothers met there with very young and quiet babies. The voices came from the mothers in animated conversation.

The ornamental lake in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens as seen from the Terrace Cafe
The cafe is known for its scones, cream and jam.  It is the one of the best places to have a Devonshire tea.  The scones are so good you want to go home and try making them so you can keep indulging.

Scones cream and jam at the Terrace Cafe

Lunch is fairly simple.

Baguettes with a variety of fillings.  These ones are smoked salmon and avocado.

Thai chicken pie.

The chips were excellent.  If you like chips order a serve to have with your coffee if you just want a snack.

Presentation is tops. One of our group brings her own bread to have sandwiches made to order.  This is what they created.

To cleanse your palate the fruit salad not only looks good but is refreshing. I like the way they write on their white plates

Rain or shine the Terrace Cafe is  a relaxing place to be with good simple food.  There is a garden shop next door with some interesting items including a very beautiful umbrella covered in pansies.  Too beautiful to use – a beautiful present, perhaps.

Getting there:-
Tram No 8 get off at the corner of Domain Road and Park Street.
Enter the gardens from there and follow the signs.

There is 3 hour parking in Anderson Street and 2 hours on Domain Road.

Opening Hours:-
The Royal Botanical Gardens:-
Every day of the year from 7.30 to sunset.

The Terrace Cafe:-
9.45am to 4.00pm, May to September
9.00am to 5.00pm, October to April

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  • Michelle Garcia says:

    The fruit salad sure looks inviting to me! The friendly moor hens does not look friendly to me though… they look like they don’t want to be disturbed while enjoying their meal!

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