Melbourne Spring 2016


I hang out all winter waiting for spring and then summer but it is spring that wakes me up and says,”Get out there. Get some fresh air. It’s the time to be out and about.”

We celebrated the first day of spring on September the 1st.

We passed the spring equinox on September 22nd

The AFL Grand Final was played.

Day light savings kicked in.

But did spring arrive at any of these times? No.  Not for me. For me it arrived when I saw the spring blossom on some local trees.

A sunny spring morning

A sunny spring morning

It happen all of a sudden. Nothing one day and a smother of flowers the next. Seeing the blossom pushing into the world acts like a strong feel-good tonic.   The flowers will wilt and die soon and it will be summer. I took some photos to celebrate this 2016 mile stone.

Spring blossom at the edge of Alma Park

Spring blossom at the edge of Alma Park

Wisteria and shading the lavender

Wisteria  shading the lavender

Spring with the early morning sun

Spring with the early morning sun

Blossom hidden among the evergreens.

Blossom hidden among the palms

The trees I have photographed pass under the radar for most of the year.

It makes me happy to see this celebration of spring.

This is my spring gift to you. Enjoy and feel happy.

Em from Melbourneplaces

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