New Zealand in Mornington.


Mornington, the township on the Mornington Peninsula offers, sun, sand, sea, market day every Wednesday and a touch of New Zealand.
I was spending the day in this pretty seaside town when a friend introduced me to the New Zealand Shop; call Kiwi House.

Kiwi House Mornington

Kiwi House Mornington

It’s a place full of New Zealand memorabilia for the homesick and for anyone who wants to experience some of the ambience from across the Tasman.

Edmonds Products from New Zealand

Edmonds Products from New Zealand

If you have ever lived in New Zealand how could forget Edmonds custard powder an essential ingredients in the iconic yoyo biscuits.  That’s there along with  Edmonds baking powder  and Arataka Manuka honey.  The latest version of Edmonds Cook Book which all New Zealanders will know from their childhood is available.  I don’t think there is a house in the whole of the country where you wouldn’t find a well worn copy of the cook book.

Whittaker's Peanut slab

Whittaker’s Peanut slab

Peanut slab  Courtesy of Google

Peanut slab
Courtesy of Google

Why is it we are always drawn to food? In Kiwi house I went immediately for the food.  When you are there check out the Buzz Bars, made of soft marshmallow topped with caramel and covered in dairy milk chocolate; best eaten frozen and Griffins Sultana Pasties.  I also bought some Whittaker’s peanut slabs but I am told they can be found in other outlets in Melbourne.  I checked my local Coles over the weekend but not a sign of them there.

New Zealand Buzz Bars

New Zealand Buzz Bars

Sultana Pasties made by Griffin's in New Zealand

Sultana Pasties made by Griffin’s in New Zealand

New Zealand House also stocks clothing make from possum fur.  Possums in New Zealand are considered a pest so their skins can be used for clothing.  There are some luxurious possum and merino gloves that would keep your hands warm on the coldest of days.

Kiwi House
7/90 Main Street
Mornington 3931 Victoria

Phone (03) 5973 4233


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