NGV Festival of Photography


It is so easy to take a photo and so easy for us to make our photos look like those of the professional that I wonder what I am going to find in a photography exhibition.

The NGV is running a festival of Photography so you can check out how your photos rank.

When I was there on a wet Melbourne day numerous people were checking it out.  I was surprised to see such a crowd.  It goes to show how much we want to see what the professionals do even if we are using them for a bench mark for own work.

I walked in and my eye was immediately caught by the striking Green Hypermarket series by Edward Roseno.  They are stunning and I was drawn into the pictures

Aloe Vera in a Mackerel can

Aloe Vera in a Mackerel can -Edward Roseno

Edward Roseno's Green Hypermarket series reflected in the gallery floor

Edward Roseno’s Green Hypermarket series reflected in the gallery floor

He say the series is a poignant reminder of economic and environmental tensions that are increasingly relevant today in countries of the Asia Pacific region.  I didn’t get that immediately by looking at them but I did get how attractive and environmentally friendly it was to reuse the cans.  Edward Roseno started life as a graphic designer and I think this shows in his work.

Sophie Calle's Giraffe

Sophie Calle’s Giraffe


Sophie Calle has photographed a stuffed giraffe head.  She says,  ‘When my mother died I bought a stuffed Giraffe, installed it in my studio and named it  Monique after my mother. It regards me from high up with sadness and irony.”


Thomas Demand, a conceptual artist also has photos in the exhibition.  I first saw his work  in 2013 when he had an exhibition at the NGV  His photos of complicated models he makes were on show. I was fascinated by his work then See here. 

I was eager to see some more but I didn’t find these works so interesting.


Thomas Demand

Thomas Demand

Eye catching too are Elad Lassry’s portraits.

Russian Blue Elad Lassry

Russian Blue Elad Lassry


The NGV Festival of Photography which includes Contemporary Photography  continues until 27th of August.  There is plenty of time to visit but you may want to go a couple of times as there is so much to see and it is hard to take it all in during one visit.


National Gallery of Victoria
180 St Kilda Road
Phone:- 8620 2222

Until 27th of August
Gallery open Wednesday to Monday 10.00am to 5.00pm


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