Railway antiques, restored furniture, coffee and cakes at the Albert Park Station.


You don’t have to be a railway buff to enjoy a stop at the Victorian Railway Arts and Antiques – the place that is like a museum.
Ride the 96 tram that’s the light rail, to St Kilda and get off at the Albert Park Station.

From the platform you walk into the old, red, brick station building left over from the time when this was a railway line.  It houses railway memorabilia.

Wader around and you get to absorb the experience of travelling along route 96  when the journey was taken by train.
There is much old railway paraphernalia to browse through and also, beautifully resorted and polished pieces of furniture.  Some of the pieces are huge and hidden under smaller things. It takes ages to see what is there.

A nice touch, as you walk up the concrete ramp from Canterbury Road into the quaint red brick building, is the ticket dispenser still holding those old cardboard tickets.  It is as if you should take a ticket to continue your journey though the building.

Some of my favourite pieces:-

Station clock.

Station trolley

A small back door from the store leads onto the light rail platform and the other end of the long narrow building becomes a coffee shop.  This is a relaxed and friendly place. The word homely could describe it.

It is an odd cafe to find in sophisticated Albert Park.  It is like wandering into someone’s kitchen and asking for a snack.

The kitchen runs behind the counter and if you arrive at the right time you can see the cook cum barista cum waitress taking a cake from the oven.  She makes all the food. The menu is simple, toasted sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, some large and beautiful meringues served with cream.

The coffee is good and the baked cheese cake one of the best around, there are papers and magazines to read, an open courtyard with more railway artefacts and the sound of the light rain swishing past to let you know that this is a station.

Coffee at Albert Park Station – Tram route 96

The Railway antiques are open daily 9.30 to 5.00pm

The coffee shop is closed on Mondays

Getting there:-
Ride the 96 tram to the Albert Park Station stop


  • Pip Bourke says:

    Hi, I have a similar trolley with steel wheels… would u please be able to give me some idea of the value of it.

    kind regards,

    Pip Bourke

  • Melbourne says:

    Dear Pip
    The trolley in the photo isn’t for sale at the moment however railway trolleys bring good prices. Depending on the trolley they can reach as much as $2,000 or $3,0003.
    Railway Antiques’ phone number is (03) 9690 0019 if you want to talk to them about yours.
    Em from Melbourneplaces

  • Ken Munn says:

    Ohhhhhh I want one of those ticket dispensers and ticket punch/ validate machines..
    Where do i start looking..
    Please contact me with any info.

  • Melbourne says:

    Hi Ken
    You can ring them on 9690 0019 – best of luck. Em

  • M Hutchinson says:

    Hi, I have an old ‘Scanlans Electrics” Railway knife switch. Would you have any idea if it is worth anything and if there are people that would be interested in collecting this type of memorabilia??

  • Melbourne says:

    I’d give them a ring if I were you – 9690 0019. They would be able to help you. Em

  • Faye says:

    Do u know where I can get some one to come out and value a trslior load of railway items please,such a signal posts Arms lights,

  • Melbourne says:

    Hi Faye
    Thanks for stopping by – I would give them a ring 03 9690 0019 and get someone to come out. Best of luck with that. I’m sure some one would love to have them.

  • Zoe says:

    I need to know where I can sell is old fashioned train at union pacific fef-3 836 it’s very rare and I need to know how much it’s worth now and where I can sell it at

  • Melbourne says:

    Hi Zoe
    Thanks for dropping by – I’d give them a call 03 9690 0019. They want you to email a photo of it. I hope you have some luck. Em

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  • AnneMarie says:

    Hi.. We just purchased a paymaster window from an estate sale, we are hoping to see if it may be of any value. It looks as though it was plucked off the wall like a picture frame. it has some weight to it because of the rod iron screen. I have tried to post pic but not able too.

    Thank you

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