St Kilda Night Market 2011–hang-out there during the last Thursdays in March.


It’s Thursday and the St Kilda Night Market gets underway.  Opening is at 5.00 pm and the stall holders are there and ready go while the food stalls are unpacking and setting up.  But where is the public?

At this time in the evening last year, this was a thriving market but as one stall holder told me – there hasn’t been much advertising this year and many people don’t realize that it is a ‘happening-place’ in 2011.

Handmade goods and clothes are featured and it is a chance for new designers to display their unique garments.  Check them out.  There are some interesting clothes and great leggings for the colder days.

The market does begin to buzz at about 8.30 or when it gets dark.  As the sun sets you can take in the daily vibe of evening coming to St Kilda.  The Rosellas yell and shout as they fight for bed space in the palm trees.  Cockies screech and the roller coaster at Luna Park  crashes around its rail; it is a sort of crashing, whooshing sound and it adds to the atmosphere of St Kilda.

Rosellas cram into the trees for the night

The food is always good at these summer markets.  The variety includes Vegi Burgers, an Argentinean barbecue and Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Middle Eastern food

This is a great market and St Kilda at night does swing with all the summer visitors.  If you haven’t been to the market get there before the end of the month.

The market runs for another two Thursdays –  March  17th and  24th

Getting there:
Trams 96 and 16 to St Kilda – O’Donnell Gardens by the tram stop.

Opening Hours:-
5pm to 10 pm


  • John says:

    Maybe because the public doesn’t know it. Based on this website: there is no night market this year.

  • Agatha says:

    The dates given in this article are in correct,The St Kilda Twilight market actually runs until the 31-3-11 .Thanks

  • Melbourne says:

    Hi Agatha, thank you for the information. It is good to know that there is still one evening of the market left

  • Melbourne says:

    You’re right John about people not knowing. Some of the stall holders said people came up and said they were surprised to see them. Like you they hadn’t known the market was on. Let’s hope the advertising is better next year and that it starts before Christmas. Em

  • belgin bekar says:

    i have a small business in the food industry which i go around festivals and markets selling turkish kofte wraps. i am intrested in joining the st kilda night beach market if you can provide some information for me i would most appreciate it.


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