Street Art at the Windsor end of Chapel Street.


Brighten up a grey winter morning and take in the Graf Art  as you stroll  along Chapel Street, Windsor.  Of course it doesn’t have to be the morning, anytime during the day will do.  But the  in-your-face colours gives a me lift on a grey morning.

The corner of McIlwrick  and Chapel Streets (at Tarlo and Graham)

Most of the art is just around the corner off Chapel Street where there are big flat walls to the sides of the shops.

A lane way off  Duke Street 5 meters from Chapel Street

On a cold winter morning it is a flash of colour to lift the spirits.  Take a look next time you are in Windsor – that is the strip of Chapel Street from the Windsor Railway Station to High Street.

As seen from Chapel Street

It is hard to know what to call this art.  I have heard it called Graf Art, Street Art, Urban Art and I rather like the idea of it being Public Art; that is art that is available for us see as we go about our daily business.  We have the chance to admire, criticize, discuss it and ignore it as we  walk on by.

Corner of Union Street and Chapel Street.

My only wish is that it could be changed more often – like a shop window.  However vivid the piece, you stop seeing it after a while and it becomes part of the background.   I want to be startled out of my morning-fog with something new.

There is also this in the way of public art. Check here I always enjoy this on my way to the South Melbourne Market.

Getting there:-
Windsor end of Chapel Street

78 runs from St Kilda along Chapel Street into Church Street and then to Richmond.
6 from CBD to Glen Iris runs along High Street cross Chapel Street.

Sandringham Line to Windsor Station


  • Katie says:

    There’s some fantastic stuff in there. Thanks for sharing the photos of it (and encouraging me to go and check it all out for myself).

  • Melbourne says:

    Hi Katie.Thanks for dropping by – I’m glad you enjoyed the art. You’re right there is some fantastic stuff out there. If you get to see any of this let me know what you think.

  • Michelle Garcia says:

    Wow…they are so cool. Who made those stuff? “A lane way off Duke Street 5 meters from Chapel Street”…this is so amazing! Thanks for this fantastic post, street art surely is art! I hope all of our walls can be painted like this, I swear it lightens up the mood whenever I think of passing by something like this

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