The Little Red Fox, Marcus Hill – Lunch in the country


A day out from Melbourne is rejuvenating.  There’s the drive, the chat in the car and the arrival of the green fields with grazing animals as Melbourne slips away.  At the moment the fields are lush with the autumn leaves falling and the world out there is clean and fresh.

How’s that for the start of a post about a restaurant?

I have just had lunch at the Little Red Fox Eatery at Banks Vineyard, 600 Banks Road, Marcus Hill .  It is a few minutes from Ocean Grove.

The leaves on the grapes are turning red and the drive to the Little Fox Eatery from Banks Road takes you through them.

The Little Red Fox Eatery

The Little Red Fox Eatery

It is a pleasant way to arrive for lunch.

The lunch special is a main and a glass of wine for $20.00.  This is a good special because the local wine usually sells for around $12 a glass and you have a choice from the wine menu.

There’s the full menu but who would go passed the specials, chicken burger, roast pork belly and spaghetti meat balls.  The food was nice with the pork belly getting the most praise.  The wines were a stand out.  Especially considering they made up the $20 lunch.  I found the Chardonnay excellent.

Pork Belly with chips

Pork Belly with Chips

Fried Chicken Hamburger

Fried Chicken Hamburger

Spaghetti and meat balls

Spaghetti and Meat Balls

Deserts were on offer but the prices was a little over the top at around $14.0 and $17.00.  The chocolate panna cotta with honeycomb brittle and liguorice purée was the best.  Mud cake with cherries was a little dry to be perfect.

Black Forest Cherry Cake

Black Forest chocolate mud and cherry cake

Panna Cotta with Honeycomb and Liquorice  Puree

Panna Cotta with Honeycomb and Liquorice Puree

For city people the place seems to be in the middle of nowhere and this may account for their opening hours which I found confusing. I’d ring to check if I was heading there again.

On their flier they say they are open for morning tea and lunch on Thursdays and Fridays.  They have a photo on the wall of delicious looking scones smothered in jam and cream.  They also advertise morning tea with cake and I assume this  includes the scones for $10.

I would eat there again.  The surroundings are beautiful and food pretty good considering the price.  We didn’t try anything from the main menu.

Where:- The Little Fox Eatery
600 Banks Road
Marcus Hill Vic 3222

Phone:- (03) 5245 7282


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