Have fun at the Minh Phat Asian Supermarket, Richmond -


The Minh Phat Supermarket in Richmond makes a lie of the saying “one supermarket is  much like the next”.  The isles here are not full of familiar brands,or things we have seen a hundred times before.  Minh Phat Supermarket, in Nicholson  Street  just off Victoria Street, Richmond is different – very different.


I’d been shopping and enjoying the vibes of Victoria Street for some time before I found it.  That sounds silly because now I know where it is,  I can’t understand how I missed it.  But I did.   There’s an empty lot next door so perhaps that helps to hide it from view.

Visiting Minh Phat is fun and stimulating.  There are things like dried and preserved Persimmon,  jars of Korean Kim Chi and lotus seeds, fried and preserved parsnip.   There is a whole isle of teas.  Packets of teas and teas you can buy by the scoop – dried flowers, tiny rose buds and chrysanthemum.

Fresh vegetables too.   Everything you would expect in a green grocery section and then there are things you wouldn’t expect – bunches of Chives in flower and garlic shoots.

It is impossible to know what some of the things are as there is not a word of English on the packaging.   It is a bit like a game of chance.  Try to work out what it is, buy it and find out if you were right when you get it home.

You can buy cooking utensils and crockery.


I have experimented, successfully, with a Thai Dessert – rather like an instant pudding but more delicious and everything is written in English – Thai Tapioca Pearl and Black Bean in Coconut Milk.  Classy and the flavours grow on you and you need to go back for more.


Minh Phat Supermarket, 178 -180 Victoria Street, or alternatively 2 – 8 Nicholson Street, Richmond.  It is just around the corner from Victoria Street, next to a vacant lot.

Getting there:

The 109 Tram from Port Melbourne goes along Collins Street – through the CBD and then along Victoria Street in Richmond.
The 78 Tram runs the full length of Chapel Street from St Kilda East, through Prahran into Church Street and terminates at the corner of Church Street and Victoria Street, Richmond. This is a great tram if you live along the route.

There’s one hour meter parking in Victoria Street.


  • I was at Minh Phat on the weekend as well! It’s the easiest place to buy Asian groceries as the stock is so comprehensive. The only thing I avoid there is the fresh fruit and veges – generally more expensive and of no better quality than the plethora of other stalls on Victoria Street.

    They also have a branch at Queen Victoria Markets which I visit sometimes too.

    Jetsetting Joyce

  • Melbourne says:

    Like you Joyce I don’t usually buy my vegetables from Minh Phat. I love spring onions and I buy them from the stalls along Victoria Street. Sometimes the ones I buy this way seem so fresh I can believe they have only been out of the ground for a couple of hours.

    I didn’t know they had a branch at the Victoria Market – I’ll look out for it. Thanks for the info

  • Al says:

    Hi I’ve just been looking through the blog and enjoying your posts and then I came to Minh Phat and couldn’t help but comment – you’ve got a great selection of places on here and some are favourites of mine. Keep up the good work!

  • Melbourne says:

    Dear Al
    I’m so pleased you enjoyed my blog – I love Melbourne and love writing about Melbourne Places. I keep finding new places to let people know about and I am always open to suggestions. Em

  • sharon says:

    Hello.. I guess there are lots of asian groceries in melbourne. But, what I realize most of them just stock japanese, chinese and korean groceries.. How about thai groceries? Actually I’m planning to make my first time Pad Thai! I need like tamarind sauce, fish sauce, etc.. I just searched at google and found there’re actually thai groceries in Footscray. It’s just toooo far! And so I wonder if I can get all the things I need at Minh Phat. It’s still far, but hey, better than going to Footscray.

    Please someone help me

    Peace ^^v

  • Dear Sharon
    I think they have a lot of Thai groceries but you may like to ring them first to see if they have what you need before you head over there. Their phone number is
    9429 4028.
    Best of luck with the Pad Thai I often order it but I have never tried to make it myself. Em

  • Mary (Shepparton) says:

    I recently spoke to someone at both your stores on the purchase of 2 particular items. Your Richmond store told me to contact your store in Therry St Melbourne. I contact the Therry St store and I found the person to be quite rude. She was interested in doing business with me which was quite disappointing. In future I will take my business elsewhere, which probably won’t matter to you any way

  • lee says:

    I am looking to bye some dry sea cucumber for a dinner party in KL and would like to know if you would sell a small amount to a member of the public or if you should know of anyone that may be able to help.
    Lee Piper

  • Evie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, I find this very useful and very informative. I am planning a trip to Melbourne from Horsham ( about 350km away) I am looking for Pearls Barley or Job’s Tears. Do you think that I can find them in this supermarket? Thank you!

  • Melbourne says:

    Hi Evie, I’m not sure whether Minh Phat has either of those two items as I have never looked for them. It is worth going there to check it out and just to enjoy browsing there. Have a great trip to Melbourne.

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  • Matt says:

    Cashiers Insulted my gf by speaking in Chinese to each other, not realising my gf is a native Chinese speaker as well. We Will NEVER return and will boycott this place always! Ladies, you will never know how much your words have hurt!

  • Melbourne says:

    They do do that. I often wonder what they are saying. I would hate it to be something insulting about me. I really like the place. Em

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