Gasworks Art Park, Port Melbourne


Local Authorities do get it right, sometimes!

They have with Gasworks Park in South Melbourne/Albert Park.  It was once the old South Melbourne Gasworks that was decommissioned. In 1992 it became Gasworks Arts Park. This includes a theatre.



The Arts in the title is significant. Art works are on show throughout the park and some of the old buildings from the gas era are used for artists’ studios. Resident Artists can be seen at work by the public.


The locals love the park and they use it. It is dog friendly and even on the coldest day people are around with children and dogs. They can grab a coffee and food at the park’s Café.


Check out the artistic touch to the reminder- notice about picking after your dog. It is just a pity it is hidden away by the sculpture studio where most dogs and owners will miss it.


Large pieces of sculpture can be seen outside the studio.

scuptures at the Gasworks-Park studio

Take the Number 1 Tram, going to South Melbourne Beach. Get off at the corner of Richardson Street and Victoria Ave, right by the Avenue Cafe. Face the beach and walk to your right along Richardson and you’ll be there in a couple of minutes.


  • This is a great write-up and you are right to say locals love it.

    However, I need to point out that Gasworks Park is not in Port Melbourne, it is in South Melbourne or to be even more accurate, Albert Park.

    Sorry to be so pedantic but as President of the Port Melbourne Historical & Preservation Society I know we get upset when other people claim things in Port so although the Gasworks did originally straddle Pickles St into Port Melbourne, the current park does not.

    That doesn’t mean it isn’t a great place and enjoyed by many locals both from Port and elsewhere in the district.

  • Melbourne says:

    Thank you for your comment and information. I have always thought the park was in Port Melbourne – how these suburbs merge. I have changed the first line to reflect your information. Next time I write about Gasworks Park I will make sure I have it firmly positioned in South Melbourne and Albert Park.

  • dog minding says:

    That�s my dog Max sporting the sun glasses in the picture and he is the smartest person I know. Let me tell you why.

  • In fact the Gasworks Art Park was created by community action in 1986 when those who held a vision for the site’s buildings to be used and developed as ‘artist’s in the community’ studios persuaded the then South Melbourne Council to allow a community committee to be formed to advance this vision. Other visions for developing the site, including commercial use, were in play at the time and it was a triumph of some note to get the Council to accept the artist’s village concept. In 1988 the committee incorporated itself as Gasworks Arts Inc. The energy, vision and work of people like Councillor Anne Fahey and others who formed the Gasworks Community Artist’s Village and Gasworks Arts Inc committee are in fact celebrated by the ongoing success of the project, and stand as a working example of the need for those in their community with vision and energy to work together if they are to keep public facilities in public hands for community use.

  • Melbourne says:

    Dear Dr Hasell
    Thank you for this background. It helps to make the park special. It is wonderful community resource. I don’t know another like.

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