Myer’s Christmas windows


Myers Christmas windows for 2012 -Russell’s Christmas Magic.

Once again Myers have brought their own magic to the festive season.  This year they have been helped with magic from Russell the sheep, his pals and their creator Rob Scotton. The story begins:- ‘Twas the night before Christmas in Frogbottom Field. Not a creature was stirring except for….. Russell. The fascinatingly designed sheep…

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Myer’s Christmas Windows 2010 – The Nutcracker

The Myer’s Christmas window tradition in Melbourne is in its 55th year.   These window animations are always breathtaking in their skill and imagination.    As I viewed them I wonder how they did it?  How they kept the standard so high year after year?  I am glad they do.  The pleasure they to give locals…

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The Myer Christmas Window Video

I was looking up the Olivia helps with Christmas story and came across this video of the Myer Christmas window. If you can’t make it down this year here is the next best thing. The Myer Christmas window video, staring the book Olivia helps with Christmas

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