St Kilda


St Kilda Botanical Gardens – the Magpie-larks make it time to stop and stare.

A pair of magpie-larks or mud-larks, as they are sometimes called, have honoured the Rainman statue in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens by making a nest on his arm. They look very much at home and secure as they fly to the statue and settle on their nest to keep their eggs warm. I…

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Carlisle Street in St Kilda East is evolving. Check out the Carlisle Street Bazaar

The Carlisle Street Bazaar opened just before Christmas adding another retail experience to shopping in the piece of Carlisle Street around the Balaclava Rail Station. This Carlisle Street Bazaar replaces a store where I often browsed.  It was one of those stores that covered an eclectic range merchandise – clothes, furniture, home ware, jewelery,…

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